Monday, May 29, 2017

Liberals need to stop

Attention liberal and democrats it is time stop bashing our President. Thinking back over the previous administration I can't recall any where close to the constant negativity.  
Now if you want be the loyal opposition and present a platform to address the many issues that keep our country from being great again that would be great!  
As of now all I see of your platform is RESIST. Wake up that is not good for the country and will not win elections either as we are now seeing is special elections. 
Liberal/democrats you are now the party of NO!  That is not good for the country. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

FB Unfriend-ing

Recently I commented on a FB Friends post about the fact that POTUS is not barred from sharing Classified Intel.  He is the highest authority in the land and thus can "declassify" intel anytime he chooses. 

Well all of a sudden I am now the center of every post this person makes to express resistance of POTUS!  Overnight I am now the villain because I don't buy into their hateful message!

So VW I have unfriended you!  Life is just too short to buy into your hate!