Saturday, February 25, 2017

Protesting 101

One of our fundamental rights granted by our Constitution is the Right of Free Speech! This right is often taken for granted, but never the less is what makes the United States a free nation. As a youngster I was taught that our personal freedom extended out from our person as far as you can reach with your arms or until your hands reached someone else.  So when I see protests taking place I measure the validity of the protest by the extent of the interference with others.  Blocking doorways, sidewalks and roadways are not protected rights of free speech if non-participants can not freely pass.  When protesting results in violence and injury to others or property damage crimes have occurred and the police should make arrests.  Those who cause injury, property damage or block others from passing should be charged with crimes and prosecuted!  I understand in DC such individuals can be charged with a felony!

The election last November has resulted in many protests some peaceful others violent and destructive.  We should be hearing from the media about the charges made against those that have been arrested and the outcome of those court cases.  Such information can be informative to those who may wish to protest in the future.

Of particular concern to me are the rash of protests aimed at our elected officials particularly at their places of residence.  Such actions are not typically permitted and arrests should be made.  These kinds of protest are intimidating at least and make citizens thing strongly about not participating in the election process.  They strike fear in the hearts and minds of the family members of our elected leaders.  We saw this kind of terror during the Vietnam War when the enemy would take over villages and kill tribal leaders, teachers and elected officials.  Isis is doing the same thing today in the middle east.  A free society requires that elected leaders be respected even when we don't agree with them.

Another form of protest which should not be allowed started on our college campuses.  These institutions are supposed to be places for the free exchange of ideas, yet time and again the liberal agenda has been to protest and block access to anyone they think differs from their position.  How does this activity protect free speech?  Recently paid protesters at UCB blocked free speech and cause major property damage.  As I watched this unfold on TV it was obvious these protesters were paid professionally trained and armed with clubs, shields, face masks, black uniforms and bottle rockets.  They were not "peacefully protesting"!

I see the DNC is meeting to pick new leadership and establish a platform that they believe might win in the 2018/2020 elections.  I am hopeful that they will condemn violent protests and particularly protests at the homes of our elected leaders.  I am hopeful they will direct their elected leaders to participate in the legislative process not refuse to do their JOBS!  We will see the best of our elected leaders in legislation that is "bi-partisan"!  We will see the best results is all elected legislators participate.


Al Beattie


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Friday, February 17, 2017

Fake News Really?

Just read that a Federal Judge found CNN guilty of a Fake News story about a hospital in Florida!  So it is fair to say based on that case, CNN is a breeder of Fake News as President Trump said in his recent press conference.  President Trump said it is not just fake news it is the TUNE of the media.  I have always believed the a good news story should not reveal the political view point of the stories author.  News needs to be accurate and fair!  View points should be in the editorial section. 


Remember when the nightly news on TV would end with an editorial view point that generally was not reflected in the reported news but commented on it?    


Funniest thing I have heard about the press conference is that it was a "hurriedly called" press conference.  I guess some want to continue the idea of the CHAOS in the Trump Administration, seems to me they are as Trump says a finely tune machine.  The Acosta nomination was made quickly after the President became aware the Senate would most likely not confirm and his candidate withdrew.  Sounds like Mr. Trump's team is on top of things.  Interesting the  President's News Conference called because he wanted to announce his new candidate for Sec. of Labor, Acosta, but not one question from the press about Acosta


I liked President Trump saying that the country was already divided when he became president and his desire is to be president for ALL Americans.



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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump speaks to the USA (us)

Just finished watching President Trump hold a single handed news conference.  Wow!  Can't wait to see the "Fake News" reports to compare to what I viewed first hand.


Just for prospective, back in High School I worked on the school newspaper.  As I look back it was an awesome experience that has given me a grounding as to what real news is all about.  A newspaper has several section, usually the news, sports, family and advertising sections along with the Editorial Section which includes viewpoints, letters to the editor and opinions on news or events. Components of the editorial section do not constitute news stories as found in the first section which contains the news.

Clearly advertisers have over the years put their stamp on the editorial section and even may have impacted what stories were reported as news.  That was never a problem with the High School paper which like most was somewhat censored to protect the "image" of the school. As television evolved we got the "nightly news" which generally followed the same format at the newspaper.


Fast forward we now have instant news on our electronic devises, cable news and the printed news is loosing ground.  All now compete for the readership or viewership (aka) ratings.  Editorial comment has jumped to the news section to further speed things up and what we see is colored by the ideology of the left or the right.  Really the only way to have any idea of what is happening you have to watch multiple outlets then form your own opinion.


Enter FAKE NEWS!  Story after story takes an editorial theme and only those parts which fit the editorial view make it into the story.  Cable news reports "White House" in total upheaval over Flynn firing.  Really?  The guy does his job (many including the President say so) that did not get him fired, no "misleading the Vice President" did.  I would have been truly upset to hear the President did not let Flynn go, Potus must have complete faith in the people who work for him to be truthful.

President Trump has called out the fake news outlets, they can dig their heals in (I feel they surely will) or they can evaluate what they are doing and separate news from editorials (which they will not do).


For the first time we have someone who had to work for a living, not just be a community organizer or holder of public office.  Mr. Trump wants to be successful and that worries the liberals in our country that are more interested in controlling our lives.  What ever your political leanings might be, we owe our President our support. Hold him to his word and promises (we can only do that if we don't block his administration).  If we is wrong for the country then as citizens of a free Republic we can exercise our rights and vote him out of office. 


To those who participate in the Democratic Parties "Resistance" movement I say be careful you don't find yourselves on the wrong side in the next election.  It is my opinion that most Americans are fare minded people how really want our government to work if you are viewed as in the way of that goal, they will vote you out.


Proud to be an American!




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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Give me a break!

The Resistance aka liberal democrats want an investigation of Trump team involvement with the Russians prior to taking over the White House. But they want the Attorney General to step aside, wow where were they when Hillary was being investigated.

Real problem right now is plugging the leaks!  How about treason charges if you leak confidential or secret information without administratively approval.  It is one thing to be a whistle blower and another to be motivated to disrupt and or destroy our government as is currently taking place.

Don't forget Obama on an open mic told Putin he would be in a better place to negotiate after the election.  Sure sounded to me like an invitation to assist in the Obama reelection campaign in 2012!