Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump speaks to the USA (us)

Just finished watching President Trump hold a single handed news conference.  Wow!  Can't wait to see the "Fake News" reports to compare to what I viewed first hand.


Just for prospective, back in High School I worked on the school newspaper.  As I look back it was an awesome experience that has given me a grounding as to what real news is all about.  A newspaper has several section, usually the news, sports, family and advertising sections along with the Editorial Section which includes viewpoints, letters to the editor and opinions on news or events. Components of the editorial section do not constitute news stories as found in the first section which contains the news.

Clearly advertisers have over the years put their stamp on the editorial section and even may have impacted what stories were reported as news.  That was never a problem with the High School paper which like most was somewhat censored to protect the "image" of the school. As television evolved we got the "nightly news" which generally followed the same format at the newspaper.


Fast forward we now have instant news on our electronic devises, cable news and the printed news is loosing ground.  All now compete for the readership or viewership (aka) ratings.  Editorial comment has jumped to the news section to further speed things up and what we see is colored by the ideology of the left or the right.  Really the only way to have any idea of what is happening you have to watch multiple outlets then form your own opinion.


Enter FAKE NEWS!  Story after story takes an editorial theme and only those parts which fit the editorial view make it into the story.  Cable news reports "White House" in total upheaval over Flynn firing.  Really?  The guy does his job (many including the President say so) that did not get him fired, no "misleading the Vice President" did.  I would have been truly upset to hear the President did not let Flynn go, Potus must have complete faith in the people who work for him to be truthful.

President Trump has called out the fake news outlets, they can dig their heals in (I feel they surely will) or they can evaluate what they are doing and separate news from editorials (which they will not do).


For the first time we have someone who had to work for a living, not just be a community organizer or holder of public office.  Mr. Trump wants to be successful and that worries the liberals in our country that are more interested in controlling our lives.  What ever your political leanings might be, we owe our President our support. Hold him to his word and promises (we can only do that if we don't block his administration).  If we is wrong for the country then as citizens of a free Republic we can exercise our rights and vote him out of office. 


To those who participate in the Democratic Parties "Resistance" movement I say be careful you don't find yourselves on the wrong side in the next election.  It is my opinion that most Americans are fare minded people how really want our government to work if you are viewed as in the way of that goal, they will vote you out.


Proud to be an American!




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