Saturday, June 17, 2017

Remember the "Bulls Eye" Target?


I can't help but remind us all that the liberals were all over Sara Palin when she used a bulls eye target in her political campaign as a GOP VP candidate. Words like hate, fear mongering and encouraging violent action were the go to claims.  It got so bad that Palin had to withdraw the bulls eye after trying to demonstrate that it was a common practices to set ones eyes on the "TARGET" or goal.  In her case winning an election.

Fast forward to 2017!  Now it is perfectly ok with the left to use words like Resist, take the battle to the streets, call out for the President to be Impeached before he even took office, "not my President".  Even Loretta Lynch used the term that some "must shed blood" in the liberal fight to, as she said take back the country.  The words and actions of the liberal left have worked to weaken our country.  If Russia really was trying to impact the election process they must be laughing their heads off right now as were tear ourselves apart from within.  Wait a minute that reminds me, that is exactly what the Russians predicted would happen!  We would destroy ourselves from within!

The liberals (notice I am not using democrats) controlled our government in 2008 and reminded us all to shut up and sit down because they were in charge now.  Well that is how we got the Affordable Care Act, a bill that nobody read that is now in total self destruction.  I bring this up because our government works best when all political views participate in the creation of our laws.  For one political party to abdicate their responsibility and use inflammatory rhetoric that borders on advocating violence is UNAMERICAN.  This behavior has now led to states like California and New York acting like they are not a part of the United States.

How can we be expected to support political candidates when they place their political party before the people.  Having lost an election I truly believed that the loosing party would pick up their marbles and go back home and review why they failed to win the hearts and minds of the nation. (Don't remind me they got more votes than Trump, in California, more counties voted for Trump, but that is not our system.) Can you visualize what would have happened in 2008 if the same actions we see now took place?  Think about it!

The anger and disruptive rhetoric must stop or it will breed more violence. We need to be open to discuss issues that the people want solved, Health care, Jobs and the Economy, Balanced Budget, these are real issues that need American Leadership to solve.  I am reminded that we all must be part of the solution, "so lead, follow or get out of the way"! This obstruction of our government has to stop.