Friday, February 17, 2017

Fake News Really?

Just read that a Federal Judge found CNN guilty of a Fake News story about a hospital in Florida!  So it is fair to say based on that case, CNN is a breeder of Fake News as President Trump said in his recent press conference.  President Trump said it is not just fake news it is the TUNE of the media.  I have always believed the a good news story should not reveal the political view point of the stories author.  News needs to be accurate and fair!  View points should be in the editorial section. 


Remember when the nightly news on TV would end with an editorial view point that generally was not reflected in the reported news but commented on it?    


Funniest thing I have heard about the press conference is that it was a "hurriedly called" press conference.  I guess some want to continue the idea of the CHAOS in the Trump Administration, seems to me they are as Trump says a finely tune machine.  The Acosta nomination was made quickly after the President became aware the Senate would most likely not confirm and his candidate withdrew.  Sounds like Mr. Trump's team is on top of things.  Interesting the  President's News Conference called because he wanted to announce his new candidate for Sec. of Labor, Acosta, but not one question from the press about Acosta


I liked President Trump saying that the country was already divided when he became president and his desire is to be president for ALL Americans.



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