Sunday, April 30, 2017

My view of President Trump's first hundred day


My view of President Trump's first hundred days is tempered by the forces of the Resist Movement.  Usually, the President is given a honeymoon period to get staff and appointees in place.  The Resist movement has hindered (a kind way to say  it) the President in getting his people in place. The Resist Movement in Congress has simply turned their backs on the President, offering no participation in directing legislation on ACA Replacement, budget, tax overhaul, even immigration. 


Over the years the Federal government (via the Executive Branch) forced states with threats of withholding funds, to reduce speed limits to 55MPH, schools to adopt NCLB, and on many other issues.  Now Trumps threatens to withhold grants and the liberals Resist movement uses a liberal judge to block such actions.  This is very dangerous because the Judicial Branch is not elected! 


For years the liberals have fostered a we don't care about illegal immigrations,  they have had years to propose legislation to reform the current codes on immigration they failed to do so.  President Trump is simply enforcing the existing laws!  When I became a Reserve Deputy Sheriff in Los Angeles County I took an oath to uphold the Constitution and Laws of the United State and the Constitution laws of California.  Not sure how California can be a Sanctuary State and defy the Federal immigration laws, let alone have a California liberal judge block the federal government from with holding grand funds and thus support the illegal actions of the State, after all everyone of those elected office holders and even the appointed ones took the same oath!


I think President Trump is on a good path and if it takes longer to get some where maybe that is good too. 




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