Monday, April 17, 2017

Say It is Not So democrats want to hold seniors hostage!


That is right!  Watch as the democrats try to hold Social Security and Medicare payments hostage if Republicans don't continue Obamacare payments that end this year ( most of the cost of those payments were made with the money the democrats took from the Medicare Fund).  It will happen as the "continuing resolution" on the budget is debated right after the current congressional recess ends.  The democratic party of the "people" is going to consider those on Medicare and Social Security the same as welfare participants.  I don't know about the rest of the hard working folks who struggled all their adult lives and paid into SS and Medicare out of every paycheck getting put in the same box as those who have never work for a living (of course I exclude those who physically can't work)!  I will be mad as hell if they hold up my check.

If the liberals were upset with Trump's win wait until they we what happens in 2018 if they mess with our checks and medical insurance (little as they are)!

Don't be miss led by the media accounts that say Trump is not getting the job done!  They are FAKE NEWS just like the democratic party!


Have a great day

Al Beattie



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