Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Border Security


President Trump was elected to solve our Economic problems, by creating jobs, and securing our borders.  I understand the concerns for the many here illegally for "years" justice and equity needs to be addressed.  But we need to secure the borders and establish first policies for the future!  We can sit and debate the need for a wall but I would suggest we look closely at what has been taking place in Europe.  Hordes of displaced people are flooding into Europe, they bring their own ideas about civilization and religion and appear to have no intention to assimilate into the existing culture.  I don't think that is what most Americans want, after all most of us are ourselves one or two generations away from "new arrival status"!  Our families have adopted the American system and culture.  We have of course introduced what was good about our homelands and this can be seen in the large variety of foods we now enjoy among other things.

If we assume that the past twenty years or so that there has not been a policy in our country as to what we want to see in those who want to come here, that should change.  POTUS has suggested a frame work for choosing who we want to settle in our country.  If this needs to be debated that is a great American tradition and we should get to work on that ASAP.  Meanwhile, we must secure the borders.  What is taking place in South America only reinforces my position.  Government instability leads to revolts and mass displacement of people, as we are now witness to in the near east and the flooding of Europe with these displaced people.  A much better solution would and should be to shelter "in place" until hostilities end then repatriate, but then many in Europe felt guilty somehow for the problem.

In Venezuela the alarm is being sounded.  Are we ready?  No!!!




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