Thursday, October 5, 2017

Call for Gun Control


There has been a strong divide in the US over gun control and every time there is a tragic event like what is unfolding in Las Vegas, those who want to restrict gun ownership step up to the plate.  They don't even wait for the victims to get to the hospital before they jump on the band wagon!  Take Hillary's comment about how bad this would have been if the guns had silencers as an example.  Let me tell you an AR 15 is very laud and a silencer does make it silent!  Then we have those claiming that it is "White males" who are responsible, "luckily most country music fans votes for Trump anyway."  How RACIST is that?  Of course, there are the majority of early callers, who want "gun control"!  What does that mean?  In my opinion that means take guns away from everybody cancel the 2ND Amendment.  They call for rigorous back ground checks.  How does that prevent these tragic events?  I am not convinced such checks would stop them.  We have seen that in cities like Chicago that have banded gun ownership, that the gun death body count in that city rivals the Las Vegas tragedy on a weekly basis.


We currently have laws that restrict the private ownership of true assault weapons like the military's M-16.  An assault weapon is defined as having a switch that allows the user to go from semi-auto fire to full-auto fire.  Currently the adapter for an AR-15 known as a "bump stock" can legally be purchased.  Congress should consider legislation to ban that device as consistent with the current band on private ownership of assault weapons.


The real issue we face is how to stop these tragic events.  Better gun laws will not solve that problem.  The London tragedy did not involve guns, but targeted people attending a large public event using a bomb.  The London subway bomb could have been bigger than the Las Vegas shooting had the bomb not been a dud.  So as you hear the various calls for gun control measures, ask yourselves "How will this keep mass killers from being successful."  So far what we are hearing from Las Vegas is that all the weapons and ammo were legally purchased.  How would new "gun control laws" change that situation?


Bottom line we need to wait and see all the Las Vegas evidence about what happened and why it happened.  We know he had many weapons in his room, but we don't know how many were actually used.  Luckily, he killed himself so we don't have to wait for a trial for the truth to be told. 


PS: he also had the ability to make bombs and could have easily used those as his weapon and set it off in the garage of the hotel.  Please keep in mind here that the guns did not kill these people a person did.




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  1. Interesting article from the founder of Frontsight recently. He pointed out that most all mass killers in recent history, since Columbine, used psych drugs, including the Vegas shooter!http://www.wnd.com/2015/06/big-list-of-drug-induced-killers/ Check it out.