Monday, March 13, 2017

Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obama Care) has never really worked!



I remember when the ACA first went into effect, there was a sign in my doctors office that said they do not accept "Blue Cross Insurance".  I was in total panic because I had Blue Cross Insurance as secondary to my Medicare.  I asked the receptionist for an explanation.  She said the sign pertained ACA Blue Cross Plans.  So even back in 2010-12 people had a health care ACA plan but could not get CARE. 


The Medicare fund was "robbed" to provide funding for the ACA to the point that now it is next to impossible for those on Medicare to get reasonably priced secondary coverage.  In fact in my area there are no HMO Plans available to us on Medicare.  Clearly the ACA has failed many Americans and should be repealed.  It should be replaced with a system that is self supporting and not an unfunded mandate.


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