Wednesday, March 1, 2017

President Trump steals the thunder of the Liberals in a One Hour Speech to Congress and the American People!


I hope you all watched and paid attention as our President outlined his Plan to "Make America Great Again"!


Just in case some of you were not paying attention he told us he is working with the Canadian Prime Minister to insure WOMEN OWNED BUSINESSES GET AN EVEN BREAK! WOW…  Then he went on to say he supports  PAID FAMILY LEAVE and WOMEN'S HEALTH CARE!  President Trump just stole the liberal agenda on women's issues and made them AMERICAN ISSUES!!!!


On emigration President Trump asked Congress to work on a Bipartisan Emigration Bill.  No more screwing around, Congress needs to fix it and President Trump made some suggestions on how to focus on those how can support themselves.  He also said he will continue deportations.


Now he did move away from the Liberal Idea of creating a society of generational welfare dependents (I think President Johnson called it the Great Society). He suggested some sort of voucher system for low income minority families to allow parents to have SCHOOL CHOICES, PUBLIC, PRIVATE, CHARTER AND Parochial.  From my point of view if you take away the restrictions on public schools so all can compete on an equal basis, the best schools will rise to the top and bad ones will close.  Even if just the Federal monies were granted to parents as vouchers that would be a healthy move.  I am sure some of my teacher FB pals will be mad about this, but I know education must change to meet the needs of our students to be able to compete.  When we promote PHROCIAL  kids from the eight grade who can't read or write after eight years of public instruction we have failed.   When I served on the High School Board I was asked how I would feel when some parent or former student sued us because we did not do our job?


The President talked about rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure.  Have you taken a road trip lately?  How about the Orville Spillway? All this rain in California and no place to store it!  Lots of jobs there!!!!


Making American companies competitive, How is that a partisan issue?  It is about creating American Jobs!  President Trump appointed a Cabinet that knows how to get the best deals.  I can't wait to hear more about this issue.


President Trump wants the ACA (aka Obama Care) repealed and replaced!  He gave some ideas that need to be part of the new plan.  Parent to be able to insure kids until 26, protection and coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, increased completion by allowing us to purchase across state lines, focusing on the patient/doctor relationship for decision making (instead of some bean counter making them for us).  Also allowing people to decided the kind of coverage they want. 

The main thing wrong with the ACA is it was not a bi-partisan plan and has flaws.  Ok, Nancy you passed it and we all read it and it needs an overhaul.  We heard in the Democratic response from the former governor of Kentucky that over 500,000 folks have gotten health care under the ACA.  But prior to that President Trump told us the current governor of Kentucky told him the system was falling apart and in many counties of the state only one plan was available.  The federal support for low income premiums is about to end and then what.  It the Congressional Democrats don't participate in creating a working replacement for the ACA, the failure will be all on them.


President Trump spoke about "Peace through Strength" when he spoke about rebuilding our military, he spoke about our allies paying their fair share of joint military defense plans like NATO and that many countries are stepping up.


Yes if I was a liberal democrat I would be worried that "Resistance" will not work.  Resistance from my view is self defeating.


Comments always appreciated.   


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