Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What we should all want to know about the Affordable Care Act


As you read this blog our Congress is reading the Republican Plan to "Repeal and Replace" Obama Care.  There are some facts we need before we let our voices be heard on the subject.  I understand that in the beginning funding was stripped from Medicare and that is causing great concern for those of us who depend on Medicare.  We are hearing that in many places ACA coverage is down to one plan option.


So my question is simple:  If Obama Care (ACA) is not repealed how will it be funded going forward?  The ACA created an "unfunded" entitlement based on the great idea of providing health care for all. When you get down to who is going to pay maybe we can peal some of the politics away and have a real debate on the issue.  I know that health care coverage for large groups like teaches can run $10K per year per family.  You can do the math 20,000 people without coverage times $10K per year.


Three years ago I was able to get an HMO Plan at no cost above my Part B cost.  It even included a drug coverage plan. Cost went to $20.00 per moth the next year and this year there are no HMO Plans available to me.  I was forced to purchase a Secondary Play F that is several hundred dollars a month or a "HIGH" deductible plan.  I can only concluded this has occurred because of the ACA drain on Medicare funds.  So again I ask who is going to be paying!  


The left and make all the claims they want about keeping the ACA, but they will not tell you who is going to pay!



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