Sunday, March 5, 2017

Not sure what to make of March 4 Trump rallies




The news and FB are full of stories showing Pro-Trump supporters being attacked as the peacefully exercised their First Amendment rights.  WOW!  After watching numerous rallies and marches against Trump that were no attacked by Trump followers we see the true colors of the left.  Violence, Disruption, Shout downs seem to be the mantra of the liberal left.  Angry disruptive behavior at Republican Town hall meetings, organized and vocal as prepared questions that have to be read then shout down the response.

You have to ask: "What is going on?" The March 4 Trump agenda was not violent but peaceful exercise of First Amendment Rights and to express support for President Donald Trump. It appears the goal was to show that support and to encourage the Trump administration that the people have their back.  The Liberal Left could not leave them alone.  The most terrifying visual this morning was the video of a gray haired man (possibly my age) lying on the ground his face covered with blood.   Are we witnessing the destruction of our Republic? The anger of the Liberal Left is occupying all forms of our media.  It is causing the wheels of our government to grind to a stop.  Maybe that is the purpose here!  Conservatives always allow for public discussion and debate on issues, but at the end of the day a vote is taken and we move on.

Our Republic has a very simple way of making the voices of each state equally heard when we elect a president!  That has occurred and while Trump did not get the majority vote of the people he did win the all important electoral college vote.  Even Trump said: "if the popular vote was what was needed he would have run a different campaign".

I have always been in awe of our countries "bloodless" revolution that occurs every four years.  It is what makes our country great, but somehow the liberal left will not accept that view, they don't what to be "the loyal opposition".  Their mantra now is "RESIST".

After the 2008 election conservatives not happy with the results began a movement called the TEA PARTY".  They took their cause to the ballet box and won the right to participate in the congress and in many state governments as well.  That is the correct way to react to a ballet box defeat.  The Resist movement calls for disruption, disruption and disruption. 

Recently my son-in-law who is not a Trump supporter, said he is fearful of our country's future.  Wow, I have never felt until now that we needed to fear our destruction might be self inflicted!  I told him he should just keep the faith.  Now that we are witnessing the constant attacks on our system of government I am also concerned about our future.  The fight between the left and the right has been fought in many countries during the last century, Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, China just to name a few.  I would suggest we all take a step back and ask if those are places we would want to live.

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